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    März 03, 2018   Sa | 21:00

    concert & films

    Auftaktkonzert 20 Jahre BP on TOUR

    Olivenbaum | Berlin / Pankow

    Vorverkauf im Olivenbaum

    Ticket Hotline 01607313433 oder

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    Juni 09, 2018   Sa | 21:00

    concert & films

    Open Air

    Marina | Bad Kleinen (MV)

Februar 18, 2018

England Tour

Leeds was a full house as well, with good friends on our side, but it was the first time we climbed the stage in Leeds without Nigel Morris. Nigel, who took care of us in Yorkshire for many years, unfortunately passed away last year. Nigel and Trudy will always have a place in our hearts.
Today we started at 4 pm In Cross Keys in Halifax. This only happens in England. So many people, late in the afternoon in a pub singing together...
»And we'll all go together,
to pluck ...

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a happy new year

Dezember 30, 2017

Bad Penny Office

Ulmenmarkt 1

18057 Rostock

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