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    September 01, 2018   Sa | 19:00

    concert & films

    800 Jahr Feier

    Kurhausgarten | Warnemünde (MV)


Juli 18, 2018

800 years old

Rostock has now become 800 years old. We, who were born and raised here, may, like many others, had to leave the city for career reasons. But that wasn't something we could bring ourselfs to do. Rostock is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany and in connection with Warnemünde a unique communty has grown here. On the stroke of 0.00 we stood on the stage and usher in the birthday, which was a great honor and unforgettable ... as was the cooperation of the participating musicians, especially the guys ...

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Jugend Rock 2018

Juni 03, 2018

Bad Penny Office

Ulmenmarkt 1

18057 Rostock

 Fon +49 381 - 637 21 89
Mobile +49 177 - 930 59 00

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